Gluten Free Guava Bars


I love me some guava. It makes me feel tropical. So I guess you can say that eating these guava bars is like a mini vacay?

Okay .. maybe that is  a stretch, but they certainly are delicious.

In South Florida, mainly Miami, guava is everywhere. Go to Versailles and order the pastries and you will know what I am talking about.

Seriously though.

My version of guava bars are a far cry from any of those guava pastelitos at Versailles but they are a fabulous gluten-free alternative thanks to Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free all purpose flour. The bars made their first debut on a very good friend of mine’s blog, better known by the internet world as The South Florida Sage.

The South Florida Sage {SoFlaSage} was kind enough to allow me to write my very first post as a guest on her blog, which allowed me to work up enough guts to begin Sundays with Sarah.

These guava babies are on her page .. check it out here and enjoy!



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