About Me …


Hi! Thanks for stopping by…

My name is Sarah. I have my Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition and I absolutely positively love all things F-O-O-D.

Most of the time, you can find me in the Miami-Ft.Lauderdale area where I rarely go to the beach (sad, I know) and spend most of my days eating, baking, and with my puppy Lola.

Brunch could quite possibly be my favorite pastime. EVER. Here is where you will find my ode to all things sweet and brunchie (and whatever other yummy goodies I find).

Yes, I am a nutritionist, but that certainly does not mean that my posts will be a roundabout of nuts, seeds and vegetables (because that would be horrible right?).

I will tell you though, I tend to bake things egg, dairy and gluten-free, but it does not always work out all the time. I am constantly learning and the recipes you will find on my blog are adaptations of which I try my best to convert that gluten-filled sugary cupcake into something light and allergen-friendly.

So grab the Sunday paper, your cup of Joe and your feedback and join me on my journey.






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